Male Models in Overalls: Designer Coveralls For Men

Male Models in Overalls: Designer Coveralls For Men. Are overalls or coveralls fashionable enough for designers to present them on their runway shows? You bet they are! In fact, two designer labels – Dutch fashion house G-Star and the New York-based Buckler – included overalls in their Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Menswear Collections. First, here’s the Filipino-Canadian […]
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Racing Suits for Men: Celebrities Wearing Race Suits

dainese racing suit coverall

Dainese Racing Suit for Men: Overalls for Racers (10 February 2010). These Dainese racing suit for men are not your typical working man’s overalls but they still fall under the male overalls category, right? We’re pretty sure Deena will agree. Although we’re also pretty sure she’ll also describe these guys in coveralls as “too much like superheroes”. Hehe.
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