Male Models in Overalls: Designer Coveralls For Men. Are overalls or coveralls fashionable enough for designers to present them on their runway shows? You bet they are! In fact, two designer labels – Dutch fashion house G-Star and the New York-based Buckler – included overalls in their Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Menswear Collections.

First, here’s the Filipino-Canadian model Paolo Roldan ruling the runway in his G-Star overalls. We’d like to think that this outfit is inspired by the astronauts who flew to the moon because that’s what it reminded us of. In fact Deena went, “Whoa! Did Paolo did just come from the moon?” Too bad, the United States stopped its “moon program” because it would be cool if the men they’re sending there will be wearing this G-Star overalls, no?

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Mens Coveralls Celebrity Edition (2017 Update). Are you a fan of men in coveralls and you’re not content with the Brody Jenner coverall photo we published earlier? Well, you are kinda lucky because we bring you more men in coverall / overall photos. First, we’ve got Ashton Kutcher during his younger more shaggable days in the above pic.

mens coveralls 2017 - celebrity edition - ashton kutcher

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