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Red Denim Jeans for Men (2017 Update). Want more male celebrities rocking their red denim jeans? Well, we know you do which is why we are updating this post six years later. Who’s rocking his jeans better? Robert Pattinson or Russel Brand? We gotta say it’s Russel because there’s a confidence in his walk.Read More →

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Mens Button Jeans: Abercrombie Denims and Levi’s Unbuttoned. Abercrombie, the shameless discriminator of people it perceives to be “non-beautiful”, tries to flatter the male psyche by coming up with a billboard of a guy with bulging jeans. “Buy Abercrombie because you have a big one” appears to be the message of this particular ad campaign.Read More →


Men in Tight Jeans. This post is for Famewatchers – like Deena’s friend Marian – who love them their celebrities in tight jeans. Well, we ourselves like hot guys in tight jeans but we caution men who wear tight jeans to no overdo it. After all, there are studies out there which conclude that tight jeans can be bad for your health.Read More →