Eddie Redmayne Suits: What is His Fashion Style? What kind of suits should you wear to the weddings, graduations, and other formal events you love (or are obligated) to attend?

The fashion houses like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and many more labels have unleashed their creations on the runway but instead of reviewing them to see what is the best suit for men, we decided to just focus on what the current Famewatcher “It Boy” has been wearing to red carpet events.

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The recent Met Gala aka The Fashion World’s Best Red Carpet Event brings out the best in men’s formal fashion. This year is no exception as famous male celebrities in the world of music, movies/TV, and sports came out dressed like Daniel Craig on the set of James Bond. Here are some of our favorites wearing the best tuxedos in 2012 (according to our subjective assessment, anyhoo).

Daniel Radcliffe looks dashing in his Antonio Azzuolo tux. Can you believe this kid is now 22 years old? Seems like only yesterday when he was wearing his drab clothes “in the cupboard under the stairs” but look at him now, he’s a fashionable young man.

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Shipley Halmos Suit For Men: Celebrities Wearing Shipley Halmos Suits. Aside from Jesse Eisenberg who we blogged about last year (see our first post below), who among Hollywood celebrities wear Shipley and Halmos Menswear? We won’t be surprised if there’s a lot of them but here are four young Hollywood hunks spotted wearing Shipley & Halmos.

shipley halmos suit for men

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