Mens Denim Jackets 2015: Latest Trends + Brand and Price Guide

Mens Denim Jackets 2015. This post is for those of you who are looking for the latest trend when it comes to denim jackets for men, the latest style offerings from menswear brands, and some price guide to help you compare the more affordable to the more expensive denim jackets in 2015.

Let’s start with this ripped denim jacket with appliqued coloured grosgrain tapes (100% cotton, machine washable) from the James Long Spring/Summer 2015 Menswear Collection. How much is this jacket? It will cost you GBP 350.00 according to

mens denim jacket 2015 - james long

Sean O’Pry and Gisele Bundchen headline the Colcci Fall/Winter 2015 ad campaign. How much is the denim jacket on Sean?

mens denim jacket 2015 - sean o pry with gisele - Colcci Fall Winter 2015 Campaign

Levi Strauss is the granddaddy of denim fashion and it continues to deliver the best, the trendy, and the classic. Currently, Levi’s denim jackets ranges from the more affordable medium stonewashed trucker jacket at US$58 to the selvedge trucker jacket at $178.

mens denim jeans 2015 - levis 501