Mens Camouflage Underwear: Brand and Style Guide on Camo Undies

Mens Camouflage Underwear. This is another BLAST FROM THE PAST post. Meaning, it is a post written a few years ago which we are bringing back to the front page after we had it updated. The original post on Chad White was originally published in October 2009. Our current update involves a brand and style guide for those of you looking for mens camouflage underwear.

Male Model Wearing Camouflage Underwear: Chad White. To be honest, we don’t get camouflage underwear. We get camouflage clothes; they’re supposed to help you hide from the enemy. But camouflage underwear? Are they supposed to help you hide when you were caught doing it with someone else’s partner. Hehe.

However, in fashion terms, camouflage underwear is hot particularly for those who’ve got a thing for guys or girls in the military.

What if camouflage undies are worn by Supermodels like Chad White? Well, they’re not only hot but are double, or triple, hot. Oh, goody!



Of course there’s more to camouflage underwear than the boxer briefs that American male model Chad White is wearing above. Here are some underwear brands that carry camo undies in their product line.

Vitamen. Those of you looking for camouflage jockstraps will find one in a label called Vitamen which, from from what we can gather from the internets, is a label by a Japan-based designer Vitamen Hux.

camouflage jockstrap underwear

American Eagle. Looking for camouflage long johns underwear? Here’s one from American Eagle. It is made of 100% cotton.

mens camouflage underwear - american eagle