Mens Compression Shirt and the Celebrity Who Wear Them. Remember the men’s body shaping shirt we’ve blogged about earlier? Well, it turns out that an award-winning male actor is using them to hide his bulging mid-section.

From Blind Gossip: “This good-looking and award-winning male actor has always been known as being rather vain. That’s why it should come as no surprise that he asked the director to help him mask his weight gain (he is a good 25-35 pounds heavier than when he first landed the role). He is especially self-conscious about how he appears when filmed from the side. We don’t think he looks that bad with the extra weight (he has always been built like a tank), but the wardrobe person has fitted him with a men’s compression girdle to help smooth him out. Just don’t expect to see him unbuttoning his suit any time soon.”

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Body Sculpting Shirt For Men. You have a beer belly like this guy? Then how should you dress up to hide the bulge? Well, dude, get yourself a body sculpting shirt like the white tee he’s wearing in the middle photo. Avoid the shirt that emphasizes your big belly unless you want to look this photo of female-to-male transgender, Thomas Beatie, who got himself pregnant.

body sculpting shirt for men with big bellies - asda

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