American Hunk in Tuxedo Suit: George Eads (& in His Police Uniform Too)


While watching George Eads during his interview at Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show, we kept thinking, “Where has this George guy been hiding? Damn, he’s a one hot daddy that we’d like to bring home to mama!” Truthfully, we haven’t heard of him before.

So we went digging for more info and more pictures of this George guy. We discovered that he stars in police television shows which we hardly watch at all so its no surprise that its only now that we’re discovering him.

And we also found these really neat photos of George going formal in his tuxedo and getting sexy in the tub (want more sexy wet guys?). He’s our new TV-boyfriend now. Thank you Craig for introducing him to us.



Guys in Police Uniform: George Eads in LVPD Vest
14 January 2010

Our celebrity boyfriend George “body hugging shirt” Eads is looking awesome (and somewhat badass) in his police vest. Ain’t it kinda funny that his scowl actually makes him cuter and more adorable?

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