Aussiebum Mens Underwear Models Update. As Aussibum becomes a more popular and established brand, more and more famous men have been photographed wearing the Aussie underwear label. These guys are either modeling for the brand or are celebrity fans of Aussiebum. Check them out:

Tim Robards of Bachelor Australia is also a Aussiebum-wearing cowboy. At least in the photo below anyway.

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Hom Underwear for Left Handed Men at Debenhams. Talk about niche marketing. A British underwear company, Hom, has designed underwears for left-handed men. The first time we read about it we’re like, “Huh? What’s that again? And how does it work?” Well, the pants will reportedly have “a horizontal slit on top of the gusset, rather than a vertical one on the right”.

hom underwear for left handed men

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Abercrombie Male Models: Underwear, Jeans, Shirt. You want more Abercrombie Male Underwear Models, don’t you? Well, consider yourself lucky because we are updating this post. Thank Alan Ritchson since we decided to update this post when we wrote a post about him. See link below.

Anyhoo, one of the guys in the pic below is our Alan. Can you pick which one?

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