jeff conroy pink underwear by jeff banks

Pink Underwear For Men. Did you read that news report about how the sales for pink men’s underwear has gone up these past few years? Apparently, according to the report anyway, as the world economic crisis deepens more men are buying more colorful underwear to cheer themselves up. They’re not totally saying goodbye to your classic white underwear or your black boxers and gray briefs, they’re just expanding their options.Read More →

Ginch Gonch Male Underwear Models. But here are more badass photos of Ryan Ford who, according to one report, stated that he’ll kick the ass of those who’ll make fun of Ginch Gonch and its silly/funny underwear designs. One can argue that Ginch Gonch, which is fairly new having been established just a few years ago, has arrived when an MMA fighter openly stated that he’ll fight for the brand’s honor. Our favorite of these Ginch Gonch male underwear models is, of course, no other than Ryan Ford.
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firemen underwear - dallas firefighters in jockey

Firefighter Underwear. Wanna see some real firefighters underwear? Well, this post is written with you in mind and we will give you real firemen who also did a side-gig as underwear models. Let’s begin our list with this group of five Dallas firefighters who modeled for Jockey Underwear.Read More →