Leather Jacket for Older Men: An interesting question asked us by a Famewatcher reader goes, “What kind or what style of leather jacket should older men wear?” That’s not a hard fashion question to answer particularly for us Famewatchers because our rule of thumb usually goes, “Well, you can wear anything you goddamn want to wear as long as its comfortable for you.”

Since “wear what is comfortable” may not be specific enough advice for you, we decided to come up with this photo-list of famous Hollywood actors (and one singer in the person of Bono) wearing leather jackets. We believe that you can get tips on what kind of leather jacket style to wear by check out these older guys and their sense of fashion when it comes to leather. Who among these men would you like to follow and who of them has the best leather jacket?

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Matt Lauer Shirtless and Underwear Photos (Update 22 May 2017). Our Matt sure is the gift that keeps on giving, ain’t he? Two years ago, while we were busy elsewhere the TV host apparently stripped to his undies on morning TV. And get this, he was wearing women’s underwear. Hehe. We’re surprised this did not become a scandal or something among the circles of conservative busybodies.

matt lauer gay

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