Danny Walters shirtless

Danny Walters Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos. Today in men in Speedo, we bring you British actor Danny Walters who stars in the TV sitcom Benidorm. Remember Benidorm? It is the show that gave us the fabulous and gorgeous actor that is Jake Canuso. Check him out in our post on Jake Canuso Underwear.Read More →

dominic cooper shirtless speedo - swimming pool

Dominic Cooper Underwear and Shirtless Photos. We’ve seen him looking dapper in stylish in his suit, now let’s check our Dominic Cooper looking sexy hot in his skimpy Speedo swimsuit. Oh wait, we think that’s an Adidas swimwear and not a Speedo.Read More →

gabe kapler underwear

GABE KAPLER SPEEDO, SHIRTLESS, BODYBUILDING PHOTOS. Aha, turns out that the pic above of our Gabe in a teeny weeny leopard-print swimsuit is just one of many Speedo or underwear photos of our baseball hottie. Here’s one where our muscle hunk is working out in his squarecut swimsuit (or maybe that’s a boxers underwear rather than a swimwear?). Gabe on the cover of Exercise Magazine. He sure loves to work out his biceps, doesn’t he? Apparently, he also sure loves his squarecut undies.Read More →