best mens swimwear - speedo or jammer swimsuit

Best Mens Swimwear is a Jammer Swimsuit? What is the best swimwear for men? Well, if you believe our friend Kevin, the jammer swimsuit which you see the guy wearing below is the best thing that happened to men’s swimwear in recent years. He says that, unlike skimpy Speedos, jammer swimsuits are not “too revealing” so the easily offended Americans are not “scandalized”? He also adds that these jammers are better than swim shorts because the latter tend to drag and make swimming more difficult.Read More →

jeff brazier shirtless

Jeff Brazier Shirtless. He tweeted the next image for his gay fans. No he is not gay himself — and he was involved in a gay mini-controversy (that is, he said some dumb things that people took to be homophobic) — but he seems to have no problem with the gays.Read More →