Jeremy Clarkson Shirtless: Young Man in Short Shorts. Look who’s wearing a pair of really short shorts? It’s Top Gun presenter Jeremy Clarkson. Okay, before you laugh at the guy for his shorties, you must know that this pic was taken from back in the 1980s when short shorts were very much a part of men’s clothings. Go check some old photos of your dad, we’re pretty sure he’s wearing short shorts in some of them.

young jeremy clarkson short shorts

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Jake Quickenden Gay or Straight and Shirtless Photos. Oh boy. We’ve got us an imaginary X-Factor UK teevee boyfriend in the person of Jake Quickenden. How can you not crush on this guy? He’s cute, he can sing, he cries at the drop of a hat, and he loves to take shirtless photos of himself! Seriously, the dude is every woman’s (and 10% of men’s) wet dream.

jake quickenden body

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Lacoste Tennis Shorts for Men: Andy Roddick (posted 14 January 2010). Fun pictures of Andy Roddick and his Lacoste tennis shorts. This is the price you will pay when you become a celebrity. Everything you do is caught on camera and preserved in photos like this. Even kinda private and embarrassing moments like scratching your groin area is going to be shown to the rest of the world. But if you’re making millions of dollars like Andy Roddick, there’s no point really in complaining about it, no?

lacoste tennis shorts andy roddick

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