Jake Quickenden Shirtless Photos

jake quickenden body

Jake Quickenden Gay or Straight and Shirtless Photos. Oh boy. We’ve got us an imaginary X-Factor UK teevee boyfriend in the person of Jake Quickenden. How can you not crush on this guy? He’s cute, he can sing, he cries at the drop of a hat, and he loves to take shirtless photos of himself! Seriously, the dude is every woman’s (and 10% of men’s) wet dream.
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Lacoste Tennis Shorts For Men: Top Tennis Players Wearing Lacoste

lacoste tennis shorts for men arthur ashe

Lacoste Tennis Shorts For Men: Tennis Stars. Speaking of tennis stars and their Lacoste tennis shorts, here’s the iconic photo of legendary tennis player Arthur Ashe playing in in his Lacoste shorts. Ashe is a former world number one tennis player. He has three Grand Slam Titles (Australian Open 1970, Wimbledon 1975, and US Open 1968) and a total of 33 singles titles. The French Open is the only grand slam that eluded his grasp but he did reach the Roland Garros quarterfinals in 1970 and 1971.
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