Mens Winter Underwear Models Vintage

Mens Winter Underwear (Vintage Style). For those of you who wondered about how to wear your long johns, maybe this “historical” photo will give us a clue. Apparently, according to the picture anyway, long johns back then went halfway up the guy’s stomach, way beyond the waistline. Really? Really? Beats us, but that’s what the photo shows.Read More →

guide tips on correct way to wear long johns underwear

How To Wear Your Long Johns Underwear? We were surfing around the interwebs when we came across this question. Initially, we thought that the guy who asked it was being cheeky but, on second thought, we think it is a valid question that we all wondered about at some point.Read More →

milo ventimiglia underwear - long johns

Milo Ventimiglia Gay or Straight? What brand of underwear does Milo Ventimiglia wear? Judging by the above photo taken when he was younger, it looks like our Mario loves him his white Calvin Kleins underwear. We haven’t found more recent photos of him in his undies to determine whether he’s a boxers or briefs man but, thankfully, there are tons of shirtless pics of him around the internets. Check out some of the photos below:Read More →