What is the best jockstrap brand in the world? If you are into mixed martial arts (MMA) or high-impact sport such as baseball, the best jockstrap for you could be the Diamond MMA jockstrap. Why? Because it is specifically designed to prevent (or at least reduce) groin injuries. The jockstrap designer, Daniel Goldberg, won an award for it too.

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Hmmm. Sean Avery isn’t the only celebrity who participated in the ice bucket ALS challenge in his jockstrap underwear [see Sean Avery Underwear]. Scott Gill wore a jockstrap too but he is the ice bucket “pourer” rather than the “pouree”. Watch him pour a big bucketful of ice to husband John Barrowman:

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Shirtless Sean Avery Underwear: It’s a Jockstrap, Baby. Let’s have more men in jockstrap courtesy of our imaginary hockey boyfriend Sean Avery. Everyone is doing the ice bucket challenge these days but our guy did it in the sexiest way we can imagine: he stripped to his jockstrap underwear when he did the deed. Who would say “NO” to that? Here’s Sean responding to the call to pour a bucket of ice on himself:

sean avery underwear - jockstrap

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