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Photos of famous men wearing jockstrap underwear from Hollywood actors, to pro or amateur athletes, to frat boys and college jocks, to male models and other celebrities who love jockstraps.

Best Jockstrap Brand in the World? And Evgeny Kuznetsov’s Jockstrap

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What is the best jockstrap brand in the world? If you are into mixed martial arts (MMA) or high-impact sport such as baseball, the best jockstrap for you could be the Diamond MMA jockstrap. Why? Because it is specifically designed to prevent (or at least reduce) groin injuries. The jockstrap designer, Daniel Goldberg, won an award for it too.

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Scott Gill John Barrowman Underwear, Wedding, Shirtless Photos

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Scott Gill John Barrowman Underwear, Wedding, Shirtless Photos. Hmmm. Sean Avery isn’t the only celebrity who participated in the ice bucket ALS challenge in his jockstrap underwear (see Sean Avery Underwear). Scott Gill wore a jockstrap too but he is the ice bucket “pourer” rather than the “pouree”.

Scott Gill Underwear Photos. You want screencaps of Scott Gill in his red jockstrap? Of course you do! And we are more than happy to oblige:

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