Shirtless British Presenters: 9 Sexy Brits on the Telly (Male)

Shirtless British TV Presenters (Men): Two years ago, The Student Room did a poll on the hottest male Channel 4 TV presenter (current and previous). Who topped the poll? Well, not a lot of people participated (only 31) but we’re not surprised to find out that the hunky Steve Jones “won” with nearly half (45%) of the votes. Anyhoo, here are your hottest male TV presenters and their share of the “vote”:

Steve Jones (45%): Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? Steve currently hosts the reality TV series Hair and co-hosts the Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose. Prior to that he did presenting jobs for X-Factor USA, T4, Guinness World Records, and 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show.

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Trevor Noah Shirtless – Daily Show Hunk from South Africa

Trevor Noah Shirtless, Girlfriend, Parents, And Other Stuff. How sexy is Trevor Noah in his blue suit? He looks so chic, so dapper, and oh-so-shaggable. Trevor, for those of you Famewatchers who are not yet familiar with him, is a South African comedian slash actor/TV host/radio DJ who’s just been hired by the powers-that-be of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart to be a contributor of the faux news show.

trevor noah fashion - blue suit - gq south africa

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Anderson Cooper Shirtless: Boyfriend, Engaged, Gay Wedding?

Anderson Cooper Shirtless, Boyfriend, Engaged, Wedding? A unicorn has been found. By that, we mean an Anderson Cooper shirtless photo. We know some of you have been searching for a clothes-free photo of the CNN journalist. If you are one of them, you can consider your wish fulfilled because Anderson himself sent us a gift.

anderson cooper shirtless photo

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