Shirtless British Presenters: 9 Sexy Brits on the Telly (Male)

shirtless british tv presenters - steve jones

Shirtless British TV Presenters (Men): Two years ago, The Student Room did a poll on the hottest male Channel 4 TV presenter (current and previous). Who topped the poll? Well, not a lot of people participated (only 31) but we’re not surprised to find out that the hunky Steve Jones “won” with nearly half (45%) of the votes. Anyhoo, here are your hottest male TV presenters and their share of the “vote”:
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Trevor Noah Shirtless – Daily Show Hunk from South Africa

trevor noah shirtless

TREVOR NOAH SHIRTLESS PHOTOS. How sexy is Trevor Noah in his blue suit? He looks so chic, so dapper, and oh-so-shaggable. Trevor, for those of you Famewatchers who are not yet familiar with him, is a South African comedian slash actor/TV host/radio DJ who’s just been hired by the powers-that-be of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart to be a contributor of the faux news show. [Want more men’s blue suits?]
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Anderson Cooper Model Photos: Ford, Harpers, Macy’s, Calvin Klein

anderson cooper model - cfda awards

Anderson Cooper Model Photos as Child Model. Did you watch Anderson Cooper and galpal Kathy Griffin on CNN’s live coverage of New Year’s Eve? It was a fun show, as expected. What we didn’t expect is our finding out, courtesy of Kathy, that Anderson used to be a male model. We thought she’s just being chatty Kathy (i.e., making up stories for fun and the giggles) but, apparently, the dapper CNN host did some modeling jobs when he was younger. [Want to see Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Benjamin Maisani?]
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Ore Oduba Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Married or Single: Wedding Photos

ore oduba shirtless photo

Ore Oduba Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Single or Married. Anyhoo, Ore might end up with the Strictly glitter ball trophy but Danny Mac has him beat by a mile when it comes to shirtlessness. We say this because there are tons of Danny Mac shirtless and underwear pics all over the internets while, in contrast, we only found one — yup, just one — Ore Oduba shirtless pic.
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