MCM Leather Jackets on ANTM Boys and Girls

Was watching the latest episode of Tyra’s America’s Next Top Model which featured the German leatherwear brand MCM or Modern Creation Munich (originally Michael Cromer Munich). They named Keith Carlos as the winner of this episode but we’re liking the eliminated Matthew Smith’s photo better.

MCM Leather Jackets. The shoot was intended to showcase the best-selling MCM bags but, since we are LeatherJacketWatchers, let’s focus more on these guys leather jackets, shall we? Okay, check out the remaining (and some eliminated) ANTM boys and girls in their MCM leather outfits:

Adam Smith aka The Lovable Drunk.

mcm leather jackets antm

Will Jardell aka the Model With No Six Pack Abs who may go on to win the competition.

mcm leather jackets antm2

Ben Schreen aka The Model Who Almost Made a Comeback.

mcm leather jackets for men

Matthew Smith aka The Sexiest of Them All. Seriously, our friend Deena says she has wet dreams just thinking of this guy. Too bad he was eliminated on episode 8 so let’s also call him The Model Who Should Have Won.

mcm leather jackets for sexy men

Keith Carlos aka The Model Who Already Has a Wikipedia Page.

mcm leather jackets sexy