McFly Boys Underwear and Shirtless Photos: 2016 New Music and Reunion

McFly Boys Underwear Photos. Mcfly aka our imaginary boyband boyfriends are reportedly releasing a new album sometime soon. Yay, we can’t wait! How do we know that the boys are making some new music? Because Dougie Poynter said so in an interview with The Sun.

Here’s the exact quote according to the British rag: “There will be new McFly music. There’s a few ideas floating around already, we’ll hopefully be writing stuff on tour.”

Anyhoo, to advance-commemorate the upcoming re-union of our beaus, we decided to update this post on McFly Boys Underwear which we posted six years ago. Time passes fast, huh?

Harry Judd gets taped to a post in his black boxer briefs. What the eff is going on here? Is that his dog?

mcfly underwear boxers or briefs - Harry Judd boxer briefs

Meantime, here’s Danny Jones rockin’ his Waxx underwear.

mcfly underwear photos - danny jones for waxx

We can’t find new underwear pics for Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter so we decided to re-purpose the ones we posted before. First, here’s Dougie, his low-hang trousers, and his peekabo boxer shorts.

mcfly boys underwear - dougie poynter boxer shorts

Finally, lets check out our last McFly boys underwear courtesy of our favorites McFly: Tom Fletcher. For those who are wondering, that’s a Sunspel underwear he’s wearin’.

mcfly boys underwear - tom fletcher sunspel underwear

OUR PREVIOUS POST ON THE MCFLY BOYBANDERS AND THEIR UNDIES (24 July 2010): Today is men’s underwear goodness day courtesy of these British guys. Hehe. You’ve seen Tom Fletcher shirtless photo, now check him out and his fellow McFly band members — Harry Judd, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter — in their revealing cover shoot for Attitude Magazine. If these photos ain’t drool worthy, we don’t know what is.

Seriously, we must admit that looking at hot photos like these is the reason why we decided to blog about male celebrity underwear. Goody.

Go ahead and drop it, baby!

You know what they say about men with big feet, right? No wonder he is covering “it” up.

Whose got the bigger biceps?

The band will soon be releasing their latest album and, according to those in the know, it will be a departure from their previous work.

Another underwear photo of Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, and Harry Judd.

Danny Jones Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd mcfly

Who is your favorite McFly boybander? Do tell us in the comments.

NOTE: Sorry, we had to delete some of the photos in this post. Our apologies.