Matthew Goode Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Matthew Goode Shirtless and Underwear Photos. How good of an actor is Matthew Goode? After watching him in the movie Stoker, it is clear to us that he is a very good actor who can give any Academy Award-winning actor a run for his money. If he picks the right roles that would showcase his talent, we won’t be surprised if he wins an Oscar in the future.

matthew goode shirtless

Matthew is equally repulsive and attractive as Uncle Charlie. He’s that kind of guy … It’s no wonder that critics are raving about his performance. From Richard Corliss of Time Magazine:

Colin Firth was to have played Charlie; but Goode (Firth’s lover in A Single Man) provides a light, lethal touch; he can seem either sane or twisted, as the pirouetting plot demands.

From Peter Travers of Rolling Stone Magazine:

The actors give it their all. Kidman is all nerve endings and sexual longing; Goode excels at hidden agendas. And Wasikowska, the bright star of Jane Eyre and Alice in Wonderland, is a fearless wonder as she boldly descends into Park’s rabbit hole of psychological terror.

And from Nick Schager of the Village Voice:

Goode is saddled with the most obviously whacked character, yet he wields his pretty-boy features and prim-and-proper accent to chilling effect, at least until revelations about his true nature drag Charlie into even more silly territory.

Now, we know that some of you are like, “Sure he is a very good actor but does he look good shirtless? That’s all that matters to us, no?” Heh! You, pervy fool, you! Of course he looks good shirtless. Didn’t you see the very first pic above? Also, directors and producers won’t be asking him to strip of his shirt if he doesn’t look fab without his shirt. Check him out as Gerald Brenan in the 2003 movie, South of Granada.

matthew goode no shirt - South from Granada movie

Oh wait, here’s another Matthew Goode shirtless photo where he strips down to his boxers. [Want more male celebrity underwear?]

matthew goode - blond hair - south from granada

Matthew goes shirtless too as Charles Ryder in Brideshead Revisited. The other shirtless dude is Ben Whishaw.

Matthew Goode as Charles Ryder with gay ben whishaw

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