Maternity Clothes Fashion Watch: Kourtney Kardashian


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure you already know that Kourtney Kardashian (aka the smallest Kardashian girl) has already given birth to a baby boy. Well, this should not stop us from blogging about a pregnant Kourtney and her maternity clothes. Why? Because she’s got a sense of style, that’s why. Also, because we want to put up a photo of her and boyfriend, Scott Disick, who kinda looks like Swedish hunk Alexander Skarsgard. Another pic of Kourtney in her maternity wear after the jump.


Want more maternity clothes? Or you might want to check out Kourtney modeling for Maxim Magazine in her fabulous black undies?

Kourtney Kardashian: Underwear Model – Brunette Girl Fashion Watch
08 April 2009

Look who’s got herself a gig modeling for Maxim Magazine. It’s Kourtney Kardashian of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Good for her. At least she’s coming out of her sisters’ shadows. We wonder though if the Kardashian family will ever acknowledge the fourth Kardashian sister.