Martin Sheen Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? No, it’s Ellen’s Undies

Martin Sheen Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? It’s Ellen’s Undies. Why is Hollywood icon Martin Sheen showing us his Ellen underwear? Apparently, while at the Toronto International Film Festival, someone asked him whether he wears boxers or briefs. Instead of answering the question, Martin replied that he’ll show his undies if someone donates $1,000 for a cause. They did donate 1k. So he showed the world his Ellen underwear.

martin sheen underwear

Here’s a report from about Martin’s underwear-showing adventure:

“I’ll drop my drawers right this minute if any one here donates $1,000 to Haiti,” the gregarious actor dared reporters. The brief encounter that took place next surprised everyone, Sheen most of all, when an APJ volunteer shouted, “You’re on man!”

The actor turned his back, undid his belt and gave the howling photogs a nice view of the top of his skivvies — I kid you not! The blue briefs bore the name “Ellen” on the band.

We wonder whether whoever paid the $1,000 felt cheated because, you know, Mr. Sheen should have dropped his trousers. But then again, it’s all for charity so the money isn’t wasted.

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Martin Sheen Shirtless as a Young Man: Vintage Photos
25 September 2010

The hilarious photo of Martin Sheen showing us his Ellen underwear at the Toronto International Film Festival prompted us to go, “Hmmm, what does Martin look like when he was younger? Does he have underwear photos as a young guy?” We searched and searched and searched the internets and these are what we came up with. Unfortunately, the pic above is the only shirtless photo of Martin we could find.

He does look good in tight shirt, doesn’t he?

He rocks his camouflage and bowtie too.

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