Marks and Spencer Suit for Men: Celebrities and Male Models. If you buy your tuxedo suit from Marks and Spencer (M&S), them pretty ladies will flock to your side. Hehe. At least that’s what we think is the message of the 2007 Marks and Spencer ad campaign above which featured Spanish hunk Antonio Banderas.

marks and spencer suit for men antonio banderas

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Bodymax Underwear From Marks & Spencer. Check out Marks and Spencer’s Bodymax underwear which was recently launched by the British retailer. According to the Daily Telegraph, the £15 Bodymax “bum lift” underpants “promise to raise the posterior by a fifth thanks to seam-free tailoring, while the £10 ‘frontal enhancement’ pants claim to result in a 38 per cent “visual enhancement in size” as a result of an ‘integral shelf'”.

bodymax underwear review

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