Mark Wright Shirtless Cosmo Magazine Photos

Mark Wright Underwear and Shirtless Photos. We are sooo falling in love to Mark Wright right now. Remember him? He’s the star of The Only Way Is Essex who stripped for Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman male cancer awareness campaign [See Mark Wright’s Cosmo photo below].

As we said, we’re soooo falling in love with him so we went googling for more pics of the guy and we came across these fun underwear photos of Mark and Jack Tweed. Remember Jack Tweed? He is Jade Goody’s widower who apparently loves to wear women’s underthings. [See Jack Tweed’s womens underwear]

mark wright underwear

Anyhoo, ain’t these two guys cute? This “I’ll pull your pants down” going on here makes us wonder what these two do behind closed doors. Hehehe.

mark wright gay jack tweed

If this ain’t gay, we don’t know what is. Hehe.

mark wright underwear briefs

Mark Wright underwear revealed by Jack Tweed.

mark wright shirtless in underwear

Want more male celebrity underwear?

More Mark Wright Underwear and Shirtless Photos
23 September 2011

mark wright shirtless

What is it with Mark Wright that he keeps “regaling” his fans with his underwear. We’re not complaining at all. Truth be told, we’re more than happy to see him wearing nothing but his tight Y-Front briefs underwear. We’re just wondering whether he signed a pact with God (or the devil) that requires him to bare his underpants in public. Or maybe he’s one of those “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” kind of guy?

But hey Mark, if you really want to flaunt “it” what about wearing a white Y-Front undies. As we mentioned elsewhere in this blog, white underwear is more revealing than black ones which tend to de-emphasize the male package.

mark wright underwear briefs

These photos of the The Only Way Is Essex star wearing Polo Ralph Lauren underwear were snapped during a recent vacation in Ibiza, Spain. Here’s Mark with some friends goofing around in a swimming pool.

Why is Mark’s pal, the female-underwear-wearing-Jack-Tweed, not with these guys?

Mark Wright Strips for Cosmo’s Male Cancer Awareness Campaign
06 February 2011

mark wright naked cosmo magazine

Let’s add Kiwi hunk Mark Wright, star of the show The Only Way Is Essex to our list of famous men who stripped for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s male cancer awareness campaign. He’s in good company for sure. Other male celebrities who dropped their trousers to encourage men to get themselves checked for cancer include the likes of rugby player Gavin Henson, MMA fighter Alex Reid, and Harlequin star Danny Care.

Mark Wright Gay or Straight? Is he gay for Jack Tweed? Nah. They are just BFFs. Hehe. More photos of Mark Wright. He’s with BFF Jack Tweed in the last photo.

mark wright gay or straight

mark wright gay with jack tweed

Mark Wright Underwear and Shirtless Photos posted 7 February 2011. Last updated: 26 March 2017.