Mark Ballas Gay or Straight: Boyfriends With Derek Hough?

Is Mark Ballas Gay? Our friends at do not think so but he reportedly bought a house with Derek Hough which, to us, smells ghey, ghey, ghey. More about Mark and Derek’s new home from TMZ which broke the story back in February this year:

This is a story about two young people with a special connection who just bought a house together to begin a new chapter of their lives … Derek Hough and Mark Ballas.

TMZ has learned … the “Dancing with the Stars” pros — who also happen to be BFFAEs — just went halfsies on a quaint little place in the San Fernando Valley.

Official documents show … the best buds each threw in on the $1.275 mil home … which comes equipped with a massive closet, fabulous kitchen and a spa bath that could easily fit two.

The master bathroom even contains his and his sinks.

We’d love it if Mark turns out to be a friend of Dorothy but does he have to shack up with Derek? Ugh! Derek is the embodiment of favoritism on DWTS which makes us puke, puke, puke!

Mark Ballas Underwear. Does Mark prefer boxers or briefs? Based on the photo below, it’s safe to say that Mark is a briefs kind of guy.

mark ballas underwear - briefs or boxers



Mark Ballas B*ner: DWTS With Shawn Johnson

Look who’s getting attention for his non-dancing skills. No it’s not The Woz whom we totally love and adore. It’s Mark Ballas. Not that Mark cannot dance, it’s just that the current interweb buzz about him is totally not related to dancing. Noticed it yet? Huh! Do we have to spell it out?

Okay, here goes: Is that a really excited bulge pointed at Shawn Johnson’s posterior? Or is it just bad camera angle + people’s overactive imagination?

Anyhoo, here’s Shawn and Mark in a non-boner-inducing dance.

Video: Shawn Johnson – Mark Ballas – Cha Cha Cha
19 April 2009

Now, this was fun to watch. Surely, Shawn Johnson is working hard for her paycheck which, as we reported earlier, would be $365,000 if she reaches the final two. Do you think she’ll reach the final round?

We’re hoping — as we want to see more of her and her partner, Mark “Boner” Ballas. Hehe.


Robert O’Ryan: Shawn Johnson’s Crazy Fan
25 March 2009

Olympic champion gymnast Shawn Johnson, who’s participating in the popular reality show Dancing With the Stars, has a crazy fan. TMZ is reporting that this fan is named Robert O’Ryan who is so crazy he believes that the Shawn he sees on TV is talking to him personally via ESP.

He then drove all the way from Florida to see Shawn and was arrested after he tried to crash the Dancing With the Stars set. Shawn’s parents have filed a restraining order against O’Ryan seeking protection for Shawn, her mother, her father and her “Dancing” partner Mark Ballas.

TMZ reports:

According to the petition, O’Ryan claimed “He packed all his belongings and permanently left Florida to drive across the country because he believes [Shawn Johnson] is speaking to him personally through the television and via ESP and he will be with her no matter what.”

The documents also state, O’Ryan “had two loaded guns and other incriminating items and made numerous statements which led LAPD to believe that he is dangerous.”

We hope this man no longer bothers Shawn and that he gets the medical attention he needs.

Dancing With the Stars Profile For Shawn Johnson
09 February 2009

Olympic gymnast

The youngest ever competitor on Dancing with the Stars, 17 year-old Olympian Shawn Johnson was the gold medalist in balance beam at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing where she also earned 3 silver medals in the team, floor exercise and individual all-around categories. The current two-time National Champion and high-school Junior Johnson appeared on a limited edition Cheerios box in early 2009, led the pledge of allegiance at last year’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, was a headliner of last fall’s Tour of Gymnastics Superstars and was named Choice Female Athlete at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. Her debut biography Shawn Johnson: Olympic Champion: Stories Behind the Smile was released in December.