Marcus Mariota Girlfriend, Wife, or Single: NFL Football Wags

Does Marcus Mariota have a girlfriend? Or is he single and available? We ask because our friend Deena’s 2015 new year’s resolution is to not crush on celebrities who are currently in a relationship. “I’m not gonna make any of them my imaginary beau, if they have a girl in real life,” is what she says.

marcus mariota girlfriend or single

We think Deena is lucky because it appears like Marcus, the second pick in this year’s NFL draft, does not have a girlfriend.

Marcus Mariota Girlfriend? Or does he? If he is single, then who is this girl he is holding hands with? Well, according to Larry Brown Sports, the pretty girl is his ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Cook. Even though they are exes, the two are apparently in good terms such that Kiyomi joined the football star to his NFL draft party.

marcus mariota girlfriend - Kiyomi Cook

The two were college sweethearts. Maybe they still are, who knows? We won’t be surprised if they are like Rachel and Ross. Anyhoo, like the NFL-bound Marcos, Kiyomi is a student athlete at the University of Oregon. She’s a midfielder for the university’s soccer team.

Now, in high school, our Marcus dated a girl named Nicole Watase. Here’s a pic of the high school lovebirds.

marcus mariota body - with ex girlfriend nicole watase2

And here’s another pic of the former high school sweethearts.

marcus mariota girlfriend nicole watase - ex

Like Kiyomi, Nicole is a sporty girl who reportedly wrestled and played soccer in high school. Like, Marcus, she also went on to study at the University of Oregon.

Mariota, for those of you who were interested in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight rather than the NFL draft, was picked second overall by the Tennessee Titans. We wish him luck as he begins his professional career as a footballer.

marcus mariota nike hunk

By the way, for those who are wondering, here’s how you pronounce Mariota’s name. From Mike Florio on NBC Sports: “Quarterback Marcus Mariota’s name routinely is mispronounced, with the first syllable of his last name being spoken like the ‘A’ in Mary and not the ‘A’ in, well, Marcus. On Thursday night, Commissioner Roger Goodell got the first syllable right — but he got the last one wrong. ‘Marioto’ is what Goodell said. Not long after that, Goodell called Mariota to say, ‘Sorry.'”

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