Male Twins in Underwear: 30 Identical Twin Brothers as Models

Male Twins Underwear Models. TwinWatchers, you love our post on shirtless twins so we decided to bring you more gorgeous twins. This time, let’s focus on identical twin brothers who have found themselves a spot in the modeling world. Our list of 30 gorgeous identical twins begins with:

1. The Minnekhanov Twins seen here modeling Pump briefs underwear. Rubin and Reval Minnekhanov are originally from Russia (Hello, Mr. Putin) but they are now based in the United States. Photo by Rick Day.

twin underwear male models - Minnekhanov Twins for pump underwear

2. Jorge and Jariel Naranjo Vichot. Originally from Cuba, these Latino hunks posed for this Papi Underwear campaign. Photo by Greg Lotus. Are we the only ones hearing Jennifer Lopez’s “I love you papi, i love you love you love you papi” in our head while looking at the Vichot twins?

twin underwear models - Jorge and Jariel Naranjo Vichot - for papi underwear

3. Brian and Travis Davenport are voyeurs in this photoshoot for GQ Italy. In real life, because of people’s curiosity for the amazingness of twins, twins are more the objects/subjects of voyeurism rather than its practitioner.

Brian Travis Davenport underwear - identical twin brothers - gq italy

4. Dino and Georgio Geogiades. Part Greek and part Italian but born and bred in England, Dino and Georgio are famous not so much for being models but for being members of the cast of the ITV reality show, The Only Way is Essex.


5. Jordan and Travis Smit. Canadian cuties Jordan and Travis in Calvin Klein underwear. Pic by Greg Vaughn.

jordan and travis smit underwear - model twins wearing calvin klein - canada - pic by greg vaugh

6. Jordan and Zac Stenmark. Awww. This is probably our favorite photo. Jordan and Zac are from Sydney, Australia.

7. Marcos and Carlos Esparza pose in their boxer briefs in this photo by Jared Bautista. The twins are originally from Las Vegas but, per Carlos’ Twitter account, they are now based in Manchester, England.

Marcos and Carlos Esparza - underwear twin models - photo by jared bautista

8. Milo and Elijah Peters. Czech twins Milo and Elijah in boxer shorts.