Roman Heart’s Real Name and Other Stuff

Roman Heart Real Name and Other Stuff. What a hunk, this Roman Heart. Who is cuter, Lukas Ridgeston, football star Brady Quinn or our crush of the day Roman Heart? Check out his photos below. First, here’s our imaginary boyfriend in blue jeans and open shirt.

Roman Heart Real Name

Here’s another Roman Heart photo. This time, seems like he’s doing some muscle flexing routine. He’s either exercising his legs or his core muscles. Right?


Hey, he’s modeling Andrew Christian swimwear. How mainstream is that? He looks great in them too.


And here’s Roman in his tighty whitie underwear. He’s kinda showing off one of his greatest gifts — the best male butt in the world — but that’s why we love him. [Sorry, deleted the photo because we had to.]

Finally, a picture of Roman we grabbed from somewhere in the internets. Looks classic, no?


Roman Heart Likes to Smell the Pits
04 July 2008

Mmm, my armpit smells good, says Roman Heart. Argrh, why am I so in love with this guy? Because he’s cute, and he’s a hunk, and he’s shirtless. He’s got good hair too. And he’s gifted down there. And he knows how to use his “gift”. Not that I had a personal experience of him using his gift but ….

Anyhoo, would you hit this guy? With an awesome name like Roman Heart, how could one not? Oh, and he looks great in jeans too.

Roman Heart Real Name and Other Things You Should Know About the
25 June 2011

1. He’s an American male model for men who love their fellow men.

2. He’s born 11 April 1986 in Tacoma, Washington state.

3. You might also know him as Linc Madison his other alias (Roman Heart is a stage name. But you know that already, don’t you?)

4. Who is Roman Heart’s boyfriend? He and Benjamin Bradley are the gay equivalent of Rachel Green and Ross Geller in the sense that they have an on-again off-again relationship. Currently, Roman and Benjamin are off-again.

5. How tall is Roman Heart? He stands at 1.78 m (or 5 feet 10 inches for the non-metric Americans) according to wikipedia.

6. Roman is an award-winning performer having won the GayVN Award for Best Newcomer in 2006 as well as the Grabby Award for Best Newcomer also in 2006.

7. What is the Roman Heart real name? No one knows except himself and the people who personally know him.

But according to the internets (and we shouldn’t believe everything we read in the internets, okay?), his first name is Garrett Something. Okay, his last name isn’t really Something, we don’t know so we just said Something.

8. Finally, our American hunk has 23 movies to his name to date.

In conclusion, if you have additional information you’d like to share about Roman Heart, do share them in the comments. We are most especially interested in finding out whether he and Benjamin are on again.