Male Dancers Underwear Onstage and Offstage

Male Dancers Underwear On and Off Stage. This post is inspired by a Yahoo! Answers question that went like this: “Is it true that male dancers don’t wear underwear when dancing? Or do they?”

Come on now, of course, they DO wear underwear while dancing. In fact, sometimes, the kind of underwear that a male dancer wears is part of their performance.

For instance, here’s Jeremy Hudson dancing in a pair of long johns thermal underwear.


Meanwhile, Nico Archambault impresses in his boxer briefs.

nico archambault underwear

Speaking of impressive performances, this group of underwear-clad SYCTD dancers really impressed Paula Abdul when she guest-judged on the show. FYI: These boys called themselves the Insta Bun which is a name we are going to call our hubby from now on.


Finally, here’s Val Chmerkovskiy during a Dancing With the Stars performance.

Valentin Chmerkovskiy speedo2

So, as you can see, male dancers do wear underwear while dancing. But let’s check out the responses of Yahoo! Answers folks to their fellow denizen’s question.

mintchips49: “They wear a dance belt and that is “protective” underwear. They come in thong and full seat. For ballet it is a thong because of the tights and they don’t want a pants line. When they wear something other than tights they can use the full seat.”

pat m: “Male ballet dancers wear a specifically designed undergarment called a ‘dance belt’ that has a strong pouch to support their genitals, prevent injury, and create a non-detailed bulge in front, with a thong rear to minimize show-through lines.”

Male Dancers Underwear Offstage. Now that we know that male dancers DO in fact wear underwear onstage, let us check out some dancers and their underwear off stage.

Did you know that our imaginary beau Gleb Savchenco, pro dancer of DWTS and Strictly Come Dancing, has a dance-inspired underwear line. Check him out modeling his own undies brand:

male dancers underwear gleb savchenko collection

Our Gleb even convinced his dance pal, Artem Chigvintsev, to also model his collection with him.


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