Robert Pattinson Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples, Mont Blanc, Lagerfeld

Robert Pattinson Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples, Mont Blanc, Lagerfeld. Today in male celebrity sunglasses, we bring you Robert Pattinson rocking his Oliver Peoples Sheldrake Sunglasses. Of the many many photos of RPattz we’ve looked at, this is probably the one we like best. Why? Because he is not his pouty self but is actually ACTUALLY smiling. […]
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YSL Mens Sunglasses: Male Celebrities Wearing YSL Eyewear

ysl mens sunglasses jesse metcalfe

YSL Mens Sunglasses: Male Celebrity Fashion Watch. Jesse Metcalfe isn’t the only famous celebrity who loves him his YSL mens sunglasses. Let’s check out the other YSL sunglasses celebrity fans, shall we? First, here’s Tinie Tempah rocking his sunglasses while sharing a private plane ride with Calvin Harris. [Related: Male Celebrity Sunglasses.]
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Tom Ford Sunglasses Sale: 50% Off Discount – 2014

Tom Ford Sunglasses Sale: Those who are you who are fans of Tom Ford sunglasses who want to look as “cool” as Brad Pitt in the photo above might want to check out The Outnet store because it is offering pretty big discounts for its aviator-style Tom Ford Sunglasses. Brad must really love him his […]
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