zac efron plastic surgery or not

Zac Efron Plastic Surgery Update. We are updating this post to bring you more alleged before and after surgery photos of Zac Efron. Initially, we were not convinced that our imaginary boyfriend has even gone under the knife. However these photos kinda made us believe a little that our Zac may have had some plastic surgery adventures. It is pretty clear though that he has done some dental work. This is kinda obvious in the images below because you can see that the gap in his teeth is no longer there.Read More →

We are a little skeptical of this news report back in 2009 stating that Cristiano Ronaldo had a secret liposuction. Really? Why would an active athlete who runs around and kicks balls for a living need a liposuction? Does he not burn enough calories with all the physical stuff he’s doing? Read More →

daniel craig plastic surgery

Daniel Craig Plastic Surgery. Did our imaginary boyfriend Daniel Craig aka James Bond ever have some surgical cosmetic procedure to improve his looks? The answer is “yes” qualified with a “not really”. What do we mean by “yes” and “not really”? Well, it is true that he had some kind of facial surgery. However, according to Fox News, this surgery was meant to fix Daniel’s face after he was accidentally kicked in the face by a co-star:Read More →