The folks at Forbes Magazine love to come up with lists such as the most powerful celebrities, highest paid television actors, highest paid comedians, most powerful women in the world, and many more celebrity lists too many to list. For years, we’ve been waiting for them to come up with a list of male celebrities with the cutest and best behinds (you know, those celebs who need not think about having implants) but year after year, we end up disappointed. Then our friend Deena goes, “Heck, if those list-crazy Forbes people are not coming with with such a celebrity list, why not come out withRead More →

Do hunky and sexy male underwear models like Philip Fusco still need to pad their undies? Me thinks they don’t, they’re already hot and can easily attract girls (and guys if they’re into the guy-on-guy stuff) by virtue of their hotness alone. My good friend Deena, however, thinks otherwise. She insists that padded underwear — whether briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, or the other varieties of men’s undies other there — enhances the appeal of an already sexy guy and makes him double sexy as this gives them the bubble look that some girls (and guys) are into. Sure, I sez to Deena, but what happens ifRead More →