Luke Guldan Gay or Straight? Other Hot Guys Named Named Luke

Luke Guldan Gay or Straight? Other Hot Guys Named Named Luke. Want more men in briefs underwear? Well, here’s the gorgeous Luke Guldan modeling his tight and sexy 2xist briefs underwear. You’re rocking it, Mr. Luke, you’re rocking your briefs!

How do we know when a male model like Luke is famous? When you have fans drawing cartoon versions of the model, that’s how. Update: Oops, sorry, we had to delete Luke’s 2xist photos. But here are other — equally fantabulous — Luke Guldan pics.

luke guldan fitness model

luke guldan gay

Luke Guldan Gay or Straight? (posted 26 January 2009). You loved our previous post on Luke Guldan so we decided to have another delicious serving of this truly beautiful man. Great body you’ve got there, Luke.

luke guldan gay or straight

Is Luke Guldan gay? Well, we do not know. So we consulted our friends at and, according to the voters of said site, our Luke is “quite straight”.

Here’s their gaydar score for Luke:

Luke Guldan gaydar: According to 46 visitors Luke Guldan is 65% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Luke Guldan is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

So there. Now you have the answer to your question.

luke guldan shirtless hot body

So that’s all the Luke Guldan photos we have for you today. If you wanna check out our other posts about other hot guys named Luke then continue reading. Hehe.


Luke Boyden’s Low Hang Jeans (posted 18 April 2010). How sexy are button jeans? Well, it depends on who’s wearing them button jeans. If it’s someone like male model Luke Boyden then they’re sexy indeed. But if it’s someone like that crazy nutbag Rush Limbaugh … argh … the thought of Rush wearing jeans is driving us crazy.

luke boyden shirtless

Anyhoo, we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones liking Luke Boyden so here’s some pics of him not only in his low hang underwear-revealing button jeans but also photos of him in his swimwear and underwear which suspiciously looks like they’re enhanced down there.

luke boyden low hang jeans

What do you think, is Luke wearing men’s enhanced underwear and swimwear?


Luke Grimes Denim Jacket (posted 12 February 2009). Luke Grimes is da sexy, isn’t he? He looks ruggedly cute in his denim jacket. Or is that a shirt? It’s hard to tell from the photo itself.


Anyhoo, our good friend Deena actually said, “Woof, woof” when she saw Luke’s photos and called him, “Da sexy”. Anyways, for those of you who are fans of Brothers and Sisters, we’re sure you already know that da sexy is the newest member of the Walker clan. Congratulations Luke on getting your biggest break thus far.

luke grimes shirtless


Luke Garrett: Muscled Cowboy in Faded Jeans (posted21 August 2009). Unlike big hair and shoulder pads, the faded jeans look is a 1980s fashion trend that will stand the test of time. And why not? It looks cool and rugged and manly. Especially if the man wearing it looks like Luke Garrett with his muscles and all.

luke garrett body

luke garrett muscle cowboy

Luke Guldan Gay or Straight? Other Hot Guys Named Named Luke. Posted 25 January 2009