American male model Ben Hill in Louis Vuitton tuxedo suit for men. You could wear something like this to your prom, or wedding, or formal events that call for tuxedo suits.

If you are going to a gay prom, you might want to go the unconventional route with this. Rebellious but still classy, huh?

Check out these Hollywood celebrities who were spotted wearing Louis Vuitton suits. They sure have good taste but they also have the money to buy good taste.

First up in our list is the sexy English actor that is Dominic Cooper who we last saw as Captain America’s best friend. We must admit that we cried when his character was made to fall from a train down to a deep icy ravine. Damn the Captain America script writer! Bring back Dominic in Captain America, please.Read More →

Unless you are a member of Ananda Marga, you really shouldn’t be wearing an all-orange ensemble. You know, like the male model above from the recent Louis Vuitton fashion show. Bright colors like orange can look good as just a part of your total look but to wear the same bright color from head to toe is overdoing it. Sure you can attract attention but you will look ridiculous. One orange piece as a part of your ensemble is more interesting. For more Louis Vuitton menswear, check out these Louis Vuitton double breasted coats and these Louis Vuitton bubble jackets. Truly Scrumptious Cakes vs. LouisRead More →

winter bubble coat for men

Who wants some stylish winter bubble coats from the Louis Vuitton menswear collection as presented during the Fall Winter 2011-12 Paris Menswear Fashion Week? You do? Of course, you do! Who says you can’t look chic and fashionable even while bundled up? Certainly not these model guys and certainly not us Famewatchers.Read More →