Levi Johnston Underwear, Shirtless, Wife, and Latest Updates

Levi Johnston Underwear, Shirtless, and Latest Updates. Almost eight years have passed since we met our favorite Republican rebel Levi Johnston. So we thought it’s time to update this post and give you some updates on our Alaskan imaginary boyfriend.

Did you know that he tied the knot back in 2012? Good for him! Thankfully, he didn’t marry that daughter of she-who-must-not-be-named. Instead, he married a girl named Sunny Oglesby. Check out the lovebirds during their wedding day.

levi johnston wedding

So how is Levi Johnston doing now? What’s keeping him busy? Well, judging from his Instagram photos (follow him @levikjohnston), we guess its safe to safe that he is busy doing typical young daddy stuff. You know, taking care of his goings, going fishing, moose hunting, and hanging out with his young family in the living room.

levi johnston update

We know we posted a Levi Johnston shirtless photo before but here’s another one for those of you looking. So this is how Levi does his bicep curls?

levi johnston shirtless

In conclusion, let’s end this update with another Levi Johnston underwear photo while wearing his Alaska leather jacket. Apparently, he likes him his Baskit undies.

levi johnston underwear and leather jacket

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