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Rachel Maddow Girlfriend. Did you know that Rachel Maddow has a girlfriend? We, of course, know that she is one of the most visible (or the most visible) lesbians in media but we never thought about her relationships. Maybe because every time we watch her, we are so taken by her articulateness that our minds never wander to such thoughts as “Does Rachel Maddow have a girlfriend?”Read More →

Lauren Morelli Samira Wiley Dating. Let’s add writer Lauren Morelli and actress Samila Wiley to our list of Hollywood lesbian celebrities. Apparently, Orange is the New Black, the show for which Lauren is head writer made her realize she’s a lesbian. She is now dating OITNB actress Samira Wiley (she plays Poussey in the hit show) and has filed for divorce from husband Steve Basilone. More from TMZ: One on of the head writers for “Orange is the New Black” has filed for divorce … the logical step since she’s now realized she’s a lesbian and is dating one of the female stars. Lauren MorelliRead More →

Let’s have three cheers for tennis great Martina Navratilova and girlfriend Julia Lemigova. The two got engaged at the U.S. Open. Martina proposed, Julia accepted, all is right with the world. Here’s a picture of the proposal which was broadcast on the jumbotron at the Arthur Ashe Stadium: Julia Lemigova Martina Navratilova Engagement. People Magazine has some details on how the engagement went: Tennis legend Martina Navratilova, 57, got engaged to girlfriend Julia Lemigova, 42, in a moment that was telecast on the Jumbotron during the day’s play at New York’s Arthur Ashe stadium. Navratilova popped the question during a break while she was providingRead More →