Leo Suter Gay or Straight in Real Life? Girlfriend? Shirtless Photos

Leo Suter Gay or Straight in Real Life? Girlfriend? Shirtless Photos. Today, let us add Leo Suter to our list of celebrities who rock their body fit shirts.

leo suter hot and sexy

Damn, he sure is hawt and shaggable, no? He looks good in turtleneck too.

Leo Suter hot

For those of you who ain’t watching British tevee, our Leo is presently starring on the ITV drama Victoria. He plays the role of Edward Drummond, a British civil servant, who becomes the lover of Lord Alfred Paget (played by Jordan Waller). Of course, the two end up getting cozy and get kissy-kissy.

Leo Suter homo kiss

And let’s take a closer look at the Drummond/Leo Lord Alfred/Jordan gay kiss, shall we?

leo suter gay kiss jordan waller

So is Leo Suter gay or straight in real life? And what is his current relationship status like, does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend or partner? At this time, we do not have the answer for your questions. But we will update this post once we have the info in the future. Meantime, here’s a Leo Suter shirtless pic for those of you who are fans of celebrity shirtlessness.

leo suter shirtless

Leo is fairly new in the biz but truly is establishing a mark for his role in Victoria. In an interview with 1883magazine.com, he tells us more about his role as Edward Drummond:

He is a young man with quite some power, he is the private secretary of the prime minister. But on top of that he has got strong, strange and exciting feelings towards a lord but he needs a wife for political advancement but he is probably in love with a man. Playing a gay character in this era is very interesting. We are in the 1840’s, homosexual didn’t even exist as a word back then.

And how did he prepare himself for the role of a gay dude in the olden days?

In terms of the Victorian period I did a lot of research and reading historical books. In terms of homosexuality there is this wonderful drawing of Simeon who drew this image of a young man who is just getting married to his wife and he is kissing her but her eyes are open. So you get the feeling that she knows his heart is not with her. But I also did some research.

Let us end this post with more Leo fabulousness, shall we?

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leo suter edward drummond victoria

And here’s another look at the Edward Drummond Lord Alfred Paget gay kiss that Twitter netizens are obsessing about:

edward drummond lord henry gay kiss

Leo Suter Gay or Straight in Real Life? Girlfriend? Shirtless Photos. Posted 14 October 2017.