Angelina Jolie Black Leather Dress: Photocalls & Movie Premieres

angelina jolie leather dress

Lest you think all we do here is blog about male celebrities in leather jackets, we decided to bring you this picture of the awesome Angelina Jolie in her sexy leather dress to disabuse you of such thought.

In fact we’ve actually been blogging about female celebrities in leather. You might want to check out these female celebrities in their leather underwear.


Angelina Jolie’s Leather: Best Leather Dress Ever?
29 July 2010

Shall we declare Angelina Jolie’s leather dress during the premiere of her Salt movie in Seoul, South Korea as the best leather dress ever? Seriously, this wet-look dress seems like its inspired by a garbage bag but, it sure looks great on Angelina. Or maybe its a case of the woman making the dress not the other way around?

Anyhoo, here’s the best comment we found on the internets which most aptly describes these pictures from Angie’s photocall in Seoul.

I swear the woman is wearing a plastic bag and exudes sexiness at the same time. How is that possible?

We’re pretty sure all of you Famewatchers will agree with the above comment.

Anyhoo, we think Brad Pitt’s better half looks fabulous in her sexy body-hugging Versace leather jacket.