Celebrities Wearing Timex Watches. Who of your favorite celebrities wear a Timex watch. Well, there’s shirtless hottie Mario Lopez, there’s Ben Barnes, then there’s Anna Paquin of True Blood, then there’s Jane Lynch of Glee, and then there’s Rihanna, and then there are more of them. Let’s check out their Timex watches, shall we?

Timex Ironman Triathlon Sleek 50-Lap Watch: Let’s begin with up-and-coming tennis player Melanie Oudin’s Timex Ironman Triathlon Sleek 50-Lap Watch. You can supposedly do all kinds of sporty stuff – swim, bike, run, jump, climb, throw, or kick – with the Timex Ironman Triathlon. Want more sports watches?

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Rolex For Girls: Female Celebrities With Rolex Watches. Of course Rolex watches are for girls too. So here’s a compilation of our earlier blog posts on female celebrities who were spotted wearing Rolex watches. Who of these famous girls have the best Rolex? Check them out below!

Madonna. Hello Famewatchers, you’ve already learned about Madonna’s plastic surgery secret, now check out her Rolex Daytona wristwatch. Oops, does it sound like we are being “stalkerish” with all our Madonna-watching?

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Ladies Gold Watches: Celebrity Edition. Diamonds rings may be forever but do they do anything practical? Nope! A diamond may be a pretty thing but all it does is sit there pretty. For utilitarian purposes a gold watch is much more practical than a diamond ring.

Also, did you know that you are paying money for that stupid diamond ring way more than what it’s worth? Like a $5,000 ring is maybe only worth $50. The only reason diamonds are expensive is because the market is monopolized by DeBeers which is the only diamond mining company in the world. DeBeers either bought off or threatened or closed other rival firms so its the only one left mining and selling diamonds. So yeah, go ahead and spend your hard earned money on a diamond that has no practical value but one who’s price is artificially inflated as well.

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