Kyle Edmund Shirtless: Tennis Hunk’s Girlfriend is Alex Clark?

Kyle Edmund Shirtless Photos. A few weeks ago, we were curious to know whether Rado boy Andy Murray and his GB team will be able to bring home the Davis Cup trophy so we monitored the media coverage on the team’s trip to Belgium. Well, we are happy to report that the Brits won (yay!) but we are happier to tell you that our media monitoring made us aware of a really hot ginger who we now refer to as our imaginary tennis boyfriend. His name is Kyle Edmund and he is the guy on the left.

kyle edmund gay or straight - recovery ice bath with liam broady0022

Is the above photo kind of gay or what? Nah, it’s not! The two are just having an ice bath for recovery. By the way, the other guy – Liam Broady – is boyfriend material too but we already have a non-ginger boyfriend (hello, Jamie Murray) so we ain’t gonna bother him with a crazy imaginary relationship. Hehe.

Kyle Edmund Girlfriend. In real life though, Kyle Edmund already has a girlfriend. Her name is Alex Clark. She used to be a tennis player but is now studying journalism at the University of Missouri (aka Michael Sam’s school). Anyhoo, here are loveydovey photos posted by Kyle (follow him on Instagram @kyleedmund8) and Alex on their social media accounts. They sure look good together, don’t they?

kyle edmund girlfriend alex clark2

Our imaginary boyfriend is so hot he still rocks this atrociously designed Nike sport jacket. Wazz up with that, Nike? Can’t you hire a better designer? Why did you make our Kyle look like a male version of Cruella de Vil?

kyle edmund nike0022

Want more Kyle Edmund Shirtless photos? Of course you do! Who is the older guy? What a DILF!

kyle edmund shirtless hot body - kyleedmund8a2

A shirtless Kyle Edmund trains shirtless in his Nikes.  He must have a Nike sponsorship, huh? Good for him. Can you guess the size of his feet?

kyle edmund training in nike shoes22

Kyle Edmund Underwear Peekabo. Does he wear boxers or briefs underwear? We’re afraid this peekabo photo can’t tell us. Hehe.

kyle edmund underwear peekabo by teddy b0022