Kyle Chandler Deserves an Emmy Award + Shirtless Photos

Kyle Chandler Shirtless, Emmy Award, and Other Stuff. Hah! Some of you are more interested in shirtless photos of Kyle Chandler rather than his Emmy success. Well, we’re not surprised. After all, who doesn’t want to admire the shirtlessness of one of the hottest men on television.

Okay. Here you go! Consider your wish fulfilled because we’ve got tons of Kyle Chandler shirtless photos for you.

kyle chandler shirtless

kyle chandler shirtless and wet

kyle chandler shirtless early edition

The image below is probably our favorite Kyle Chandler shirtless pic.

Kyle Chandler Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Apparently, he is a boxer shorts kind of guy.

kyle chandler underwear - boxer shorts

Looks like he’s wearing a pair of short shorts in the pic below, no?

kyle chandler sexy

As you can see, these Kyle Chandler shirtless pics are from his younger days. We still have to find some Kyle shirtlessness taken recently. But here’s a photo for those of you looking for “Kyle Chandler smoking” photos.