Daniel Henney Gay, Girlfriend, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos. Have you watched X-Men Origins already? Did you go, “Who is that Agent Zero? He’s really cute.” Well, we must admit that we also found him to be irresistibly cute. So, just like what we did in the case of another Wolverine actor Taylor Kitsch, we went looking for pics and more information on Agent Zero and found these pics.

For those who don’t know him yet, Agent Zero is Daniel Henney, an American actor of Korean descent who also does some modeling gigs. Now, now, the V-Neck shirt below is kinda gay, jo? Joke. Joke.

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Ko Young-tae Gigolo and Hot Lover Boy. Let us add Ko Young-tae to our list of hot Korean hunks. He is making headlines these bays because of his relationship with controversial presidential confidante Choi Soon-sil. It is being alleged that Choi Soon-sil has used her relationship with South Korean President Park Geun-hye. In addition, it is also being alleged that our Ko Young-tae is Choi Soon-sil’s boytoy or lover boy.

We sure understand how a woman would fall for him.

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Ki Hong Lee Actor. Let’s continue blogging about Hollywood up-and-coming stars and, this time, let’s talk about Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee. Lee is starring as Minho in sci-fi thriller, The Maze Runner, which will be airing next weekend. This is the biggest break for Lee, who started his acting career in 2010, and is a pretty big break for Asian actors who don’t often get to play significant roles in Hollywood movies or TV shows.

ki hong lee hot - minho - maze runner

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