all blacks rugby underwear models - TJ Perenara and Gillies Kaka walk in front of Victor Vito

All Blacks Underwear Models for Jockey. If they are in the United States, one would assume that TJ Perenara (with his blue boxers) is a Democrat while Gillies Kaka (with his red undies) is a Republican. Victor Vito at the back represents independent voters who ultimately decides who gets elected.Read More →

steve adams sexy basketball hunk

Steven Adams Girlfriend, Shirtless Photo, Shoe Size, & Tattoo. So, fellow Famewatchers, have you found an imaginary basketball boyfriend among the pro-basketball rookies from the recent NBA draft? We did! Yay! His name is Steven Adams. He is from New Zealand. Double yay! He is supertall (a legitimate 7-footer according to one journalist) and, not unexpectedly, he has a pretty big feet. Triple yay! In the 2013 NBA Draft, he was the 12th overall draft pick courtesy of the Oklahoma City Thunders.Read More →


Brendan Cole Shirtless Sexy Santa. The Santa photos were taken about ten years ago, 2006 if we are not mistaken, and it looks like our Brandon has not aged a bit, no? He must have made a pact with the devil. Or maybe he is gifted with them so-called everlasting genes that makes one look young forevah.Read More →