Keanu Reeves Oris Watch in Constantine Movie

Keanu Reeves Oris Watch in Constantine Movie. You’ve seen Keanu Reeves’ Rolex watch — see Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master Watch — now let’s check out this watch he’s wearing in his 2005 movie Constantine. What brand of watch is it, you ask?

keanu reeves oris watch

It’s an Oris watch, baby. The same brand worn by German Formula One driver Nico Rosberg and Venuezuelan diver Caslos Coste.

keanu reeves oris watch constantine

A close-up of Keanu’s Oris Modern Classic 633 watch.

keanu reeves oris watch details

Since not a lot of us are familiar with this Swiss luxury watch, here’s what wikipedia says about Oris watches: “Oris is a brand of Swiss luxury wristwatches. The Oris watch factory was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian at Hölstein (Basel-Country) in 1904. Oris are well known for producing only mechanical watches.”

More about Oris Watch history: “In 1968 Oris obtained full chronometer certification from the Neuchâtel Observatory for movement cal.652. In 2003 Oris signed an agreement to become the sole supplier of watches to the BMW Williams Formula One Team. The Oris Limited Edition Williams F1 Team Chronograph was the most successful Oris watch in 2003.”

Okay, that last sentence sounds more like its lifted straight from an Oris company brochure, but to be fair to wikipedia editors they annotated it as “vague” and “needs citation”.