Justin Baldoni Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless Jane the Virgin Star

Justin Baldoni Shirtless Muscle Hunk. Aside from the oh-so-shaggable Canadian hunk that is Brett Dier [see Brett Dier Shirtless], another guy candy that makes Jane the Virgin a must-watch for us (aside from the story of course) is the hunky hunk hunk that is Justin Baldoni. Check him out:

justin baldoni - shirtless body - jane the virgin

If you looked at the picture and didn’t say, “Yummy, yum, yum!”, you should go have your eyes checked because there’s something wrong with your vision. Haha.

Here’s another shirtless Justin Baldoni:

justin baldoni shirtless - heroes

If you are wondering why he’s in tip top shape, it’s because our Justin used to be a high school/college jock who played soccer and was a track star. He must have imbibed the importance of exercise, working out, and all that stuff.

Is Justin Baldoni Gay? Justin is straight. However, he has played several gay roles like this gay Adam in a commercial for an insurance company.

Are we missing something here? We kinda don’t get the relevance of the ad to the product. We’re either too dumb to know or the advert is too cute for its own good and failed to deliver a relevant message.

Anyhoo, let’s go back to Justin and his gay roles which he touched upon in this interview with xfinity.comcast.net:

You were on “Happy Endings” as one of the guys Max dated…
I had a very quick moment on “Happy Endings.”

People love the show and for gay viewers, we watched everyone that Max hooked up with. Did you suddenly find that a gay audience was responding to you after that?
Well, I played a gay character on “Single Ladies,” as well and I realized I had more fans from that. Also, with my character on “Everwood,” the joke was that they thought I was gay so I have always played gay friendly characters.

Justin Baldoni Girlfriend? What’s Justin’s relationship status? He’s married to actress Emily Baldoni (formerly Emily Foxler). Check out this video when he proposed to Emily:

That’s a long video at 26 minutes but it’s pretty cool so we’re not surprised its gone viral with more than a million views to date!