Jupiter Ascending Leather Jackets, Pants, Vest, Bodysuit

Leather Outfits on Jupiter Ascending (2015 Movie). Holy canoly, look at them leather pants on Channing Tatum. If that alone does not make you want to go see the movie when its released in February, then you are neither a Channing fan nor a fan of men in leather trousers. To us who are fans of both, the idea of Mr. Magic Mike dressed in body-fitting leather is worth the price of admission. Haha. Yeah, we’re shallow and easy to please.

jupiter ascending leather pants - channing tatum

Seriously, we are not the only ones who are tempted to spank Channing’s leather-clad bottom, right?

jupiter ascending caine leather jacket - channing tatum

Is the long coat he is wearing leather?

jupiter ascending - caine - channing tatum long coat

Looks like the antagonist of the movie, Balem (played by Eddie Redmayne), is going to look fabulous in a leather bodysuit. Our gay friend Kevin is concerned that the antagonist may be portrayed as a gay dude.  Nothing wrong with being gay, of course, but he does not want impressionable minds to think that gay = bad antagonist.

jupiter ascending leather outfit on eddie redmayne