Julian Edelman Underwear: Gay or Girlfriend?

Julian Edelman Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? You’ve seen his shirtless photos [Read: Julian Edelman Shirtless], now check out the New England Patriots wide receiver in his underwear.

But first, here’s another shirtless Julian photo looking cool with his facial hair and all.

julian edelman body

Here’s Julian getting prepped for a photoshoot in his Calvin Klein underwear. Them CK underwear powers-that-be sure are missing an opportunity for not signing this Patriot to be their spokesmodel, no? We’d rather see him modeling CK than the kid the label just hired to be the face of their current campaign. [See How to be a Calvin Klein Model.]

julian edelman underwear - ck briefs

Now the Julian Edelman underwear preference question has been answered because, as you can see, he apparently loves him his briefs. Now, he sure looks like every inch a model in the photo below, no? He is modeling for John Varvatos, for those of you wondering.

julian edelman for john varvatos


julian edelman gay - fit pants

Is Julian Edelman gay or straight? Find out after the jump.