Jude Law Style Fashion Watch: Leather Jackets and Dunhill Suits

Jude Law Style Fashion Watch: Leather Jackets and Dunhill Suits. British actor Jude Law, who we enjoyed watching in the Sherlock Holmes movie, is looking dapper in his all-black get-up. We wonder what our Jude is laughing at? Or maybe he’s just happy because his Sherlock movie did very well indeed at the box office.

jude law style fashion watch

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So, what brand of leather jackets does the Sherlock Holmes actor wear? Well, he was seen wearing a shiny Carol Christian Poell Overlock Leather Jacket so he must be a fan of the Austrian cult designer.

Of course, if you are a Jude Law superfan, you must already know that he served as the face of a Dunhill advertising campaign. Check out these photos of the 37-year-old English actor all cleaned up (he’s been slovenly these past months, isn’t he) while wearing various Dunhill menswear.

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Don’t you just like cleaned-up Jude Law rather than his untidy version. Haha. These pics actually reminded us of the time when he burst into the entertainment scene all fresh and cute in the 1990s. He was everybody’s dreamboat but he probably grew tired of being everybody’s dreamboat so he decided to be just plain “hoboish”. Way to drive away those who lust after you eh, Jude?

We think we’re going to end this post on Jude Law’s fashion style with this very interesting photo of the English actor.

We don’t know if he’s like this when the camera is not looking (Kevin is hoping so) or whether he’s gaying it up for the paparazzi but this screams, “Jude Law is sooo gay!”

Debate in the comments whether Jude Law is gay or not what with all the baby mamas running after him (okay there’s only one right). It’s obvious to us that Jude is as straight as an arrow but Kevin believes otherwise. What do you think?

Jude Law Style Fashion Watch: Leather Jackets and Dunhill Suits. Posted 3 February 2010. Updated 2 June 2017.