Joel Rush True Beauty Hottie: Shirtless, Underwear, Leather Pants

Joel Rush True Beauty Hottie: Shirtless, Underwear, Leather Pants. What is True Beauty? It’s this new reality show “conceived by Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher, to ambush individuals obsessed with their superficial beauty and teach them to cultivate inner beauty”.

joel rush true beauty shirtless

Okay, we look forward to seeing that and seeing this hunky dude, Joel Rush, who is reportedly one of them contestants who are obsessed with superficial beauty and, I suppose, learned to cultivate his inner beauty while on the show. Maybe he will also learn that leather pants are not cool according to PETA and that showing your crack a-la Brody Jenner is kinda a little gay.

joel rush shirtless - leather pants

Joel Rush’s Tight Briefs Underwear (posted 24 February 2009). Here’s another post on Joel Rush, you know the cute and hunky guy from True Beauty aka the show produced by pretty girl Tyra Banks and pretty boy Ashton Kutcher.

He’s quite a hunk, no? In fact, he’s more of a hunk that Ashton. Don’t get us wrong, Mr. Demi Moore is a hunk to but his prettiness and his boyishness and the fact that he starred in the funny sitcom The 70s Show kinda detracts from his hunkiness. This is not the case with Joel because he’s more manly than boyish and he’s more handsome than pretty.

Oh, and he looks oh-so-good in his tight briefs too. We confess that we didn’t actually watch the show he was in — well, we saw snippets of it — so we don’t know whether he was the hunkiest contestant in True Beauty. We won’t be surprised if he is.

joel rush underwear

We love men who take care of their abs, so we’re liking this Joel dude. We hope he’ll continue to have them six pack abs. By the way, do you agree Famewatchers that the abs are the sexiest part of a man’s body? We gotta admitĀ  that Joel is quite handsome and looks great with them really nice six-pack abs.

Joel Rush True Beauty Hottie: Shirtless, Underwear, Leather Pants. Posted 28 January 2009. Updated 24 February 2009.