Joel McHale Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos – Proof + Evidence

Did Joel McHale Have a Hair Transplant? When we saw the above images of The Soup host Joel McHale our first reaction went, “Come on, that ‘before’ photo must be fake or someone manipulated it to give the impression that the guy is balding. Surely our Community hunk did not have a hairline like that.” But hair transplant websites keep on insisting that Joel had something done to his hair (a transplant, a hair plug, a hair restoration procedure, whatever) so we decided to investigate for ourselves. What did we find out?

did joel mchale have hair transplant - proof

Joel McHale’s Receding Hairline. So is there any evidence or proof out there that Joel had indeed done something to his crowning glory? Well, you be the judge. These are photos of Joel taken when he was younger which suggest that he did have a receding hairline. Since his hairline is not that far back anymore the logical conclusion would be that he had some kind of hair restoration procedure. You win, hair transplant websites, we doubted your claim but you are telling the truth on this one.

Here’s Joel doing some TV show back in the 1990s.

joel mchale before hair plugs - 1990s

Another 1990s photo of a long-haired Joel McHale. Note the receding hairline?

joel mchale going bald - almost live show- 1990s

What’s up, JoMac? Are you saluting your audience?

joel mchale hair loss before community

Our Joel sure loves to salute.

joel mchale receding hairline - proof of transplant

Joel in Spider-Man 2 released ten years ago in 2004.

joel mchale lossing hair - spider man 2

Want a video version of Joel’s hair during his Spider-Man 2 days? Here you go: