Joel Dommett Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend, Skype Video

Joel Dommett Underwear and Other Stuff. So fellow Famewatchers, have you found yourself a reality TV boyfriend this Fall 2016? Well, if you haven’t yet, allow us to introduce to you Brit comedian Joel Dommett who broke the internets when he went a-showering on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

So let’s check out these fabulous Joel Dommett underwear photos, shall we?

joel dommett underwear - shower - im a celebrity get me out of here

And here’s another one. Question to our American readers: Can you name an American stand-up comedian as hunky as and looks as good in his underwear as Joel Dommett? [Update: Well, that didn’t take long. Our friend Kevin names another Joel — Joel McHale — as an American comedian who rocks his underwear. See Joel McHale Underwear.]

joel dommett naked shower underwear

As it happens, this is not the first time our imaginary TV boyfriend stripped to his underwear. He showed us his black boxer briefs too — and eventually went all au natural — in an episode of Impractical Jokers. Here are some screencaps from the show.

joel dommett underwear boxers or briefs

Now, it seems like our Joel has the knack for appearing in kinda weird TV shows. Did you know that he guested on a show called World of the Weird where he painted using his little Joel. Seriously, we are not joking. Here’s our British hunk painting and the result of his effort.

joel dommett world of the weird dick painting

Joel Dommett Skype Video. Screencaps from our imaginary boyfriend’s Skyping adventures. No we are not going to upload the vid. Neither are we linking to it. You gotta find it yourself. Sorry.

joel dommett skype video

Joel Dommett Gay or Straight? He is straight but he played the role of a gay rapper in the 2010 movie Bashment.

joel dommett gay or straight

Critics described the film as “cliched” and “unsubtle” but, at least, it gave us this near gay kiss between Joel Dommett and co-star Marcus Kai.

joel dommett gay marcus kai

Joel Dommett Girlfriend? So if Joel is as straight as an arrow, does he have a girlfriend at the moment? We’ll he is flirty flirty with another I’m a Celebrity cast member, Carol Vorderman, so we’re gonna assume that he is single and available. He used to date Russian model Natalia Noir.