Joe McFadden Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, and Kilt Photos

Joe McFadden Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, and Kilt Photos. Let us add Scottish actor Joe McFadden to our hot men in kilt category. He joins the likes of one of our favorite actors ever, the uber-talented Ewan McGregor.

joe mcfadden kilt

Joe is in the headlines these days following his casting as one of the celebrity contestants on Strictly Come Dancing. If you want to see more of him doing the moves, keep your fingers crossed that he’ll last long in the competition. Of course, do not forget to vote for him too. Anyhoo, here are some Joe McFadden shirtless photos for those of you who love ’em some celebrity shirtlessness.

This one is courtesy of Attitude Magazine. We had to crop it so as not to shock our Grandma Akita. Hehe.

joe mcfadden shirtless nude attitude2

Another shirtless pic of our Scottish hunk. Again, we had to exclude the naughty part because we care about the blood pressure of our grandmama.

joe mcfadden naked cosmo magazine2

By the way, the above photo is from Cosmo Magazine particularly from its Cosmo Everyman Campaign. Remember Cosmo Everyman? It is a project where male celebrities pose in the buff to remind Cosmo’s female readers to tell their partners to get themselves checked for cancer. As you may already know, cancer in men are more likely to be undiagnosed (compared to women) because guys do not want or do not bother to get themselves checked.

Joe McFadden Gay or Straight? He is straight. But he ain’t shy about going to bed with a man if the role so requires. Here’s Joe, playing a bisexual dude, in bed with David Bedella for the stage play Torch Song Trilogy.

joe mcfadden bisexual with david bedella - torch song

Another photo of Joe and David as gay lovers.

Joe McFadden gay with David Bedella in Torch Song Trilogy

Joe McFadden Girlfriend or Wife? He is single at the moment but, according to, he was in a relationship with Kirsty Mitchell. Asked whether he is looking for love in Strictly Come Dancing, he reportedly stated that he joined the show to learn how to dance more than find a partner.

Let us end this post with these photos of Joe as a hot cop. The images are from the show Heartbeat where he was one of the regulars.

joe mcfadden hot cop pc joe mason

Joe McFadden Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, and Kilt Photos. Posted 17 September 2017.